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Palco’s mission is to provide a coordinated health care system

for low income uninsured residents of Lancaster County.

Project Access Lancaster County (PALCO), a program of the Lancaster County Medical foundation, began in 2007 out of a concern of the local medical community for the uninsured in Lancaster County.

PALCO’s mission is to provide a coordinated healthcare network of volunteer physicians, other health care providers, hospital services, diagnostic services and pharmaceutical assistance for the low income uninsured residents of Lancaster County. PALCO provides a health care bridge for people who cannot afford health insurance, but who do not qualify for Medical Assistance, Veterans Benefits, or Medicare. In the first four years of operation, PALCO has served over 3,400 participants.

Very recently, our fundraising has taken on new importance as PALCO was announced as one of the recipients of the Lancaster County Community Foundation's  "Ah Ha Project! Long Term Creative Solutions Matching Fund"  
PALCO was awarded $100,000 to formally create a "Patient Navigator Program".  Studies have found that patients recover better with a navigator to coordinate doctors' appointments, facilitate telephone contact between patients and doctors, arrange rides, help with insurance forms, and help patients prepare their questions for the doctor.  This program will utilize a trained, culturally competent worker who will work with patients, families, physicians and the health care system to ensure that patients' needs are appropriately and effectively addressed.  As this is a matching grant, PALCO must raise $100,000 to complete the grant requirements.  All funds contributed toward the annual fundraising goals will also help us to fulfill the match.

Through 905 Health Care providers and the 4 area hospitals, PALCO has administered $26.4 Million in donated services. PALCO has documented significant decreases in emergency room visits by enrolled participants. In addition, PALCO patients report improvement in their health since enrolling in the program. A total of 781 former PALCO participants now have insurance.



Project Access Lancaster County

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”  

Winston Churchill

“I think it is very appropriate to our mission.”

Dr. T. R. Foley

480 New Holland Ave., Ste 8202

Lancaster, PA 17602


717.735.9586 Fax


PALCO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

2011 Ah-Ha Grant Recipient

2012 Designathon Participant

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