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As a courtesy to generous donors – we do not list participating doctors, so that we alleviate any issues with direct participant communications.  All communications should be through PALCO.  Participants are expected to contact PALCO as the liaison to their appropriate doctor.  Thank you.

A Medical Investment With Promising Returns

The Lancaster County Medical Foundation’s Project Access Lancaster County is funded through private donations and grants from local foundations. The Lancaster County Medical Foundation is a 501 (C)(3)charitable foundation that was created in 2007. The foundation's goal of improving the quality and distribution of health services throughout Lancaster County has been met with tremendous community enthusiasm and support. As we seek to become more visible with our health outreach efforts, we hope you will confirm our mission by sending your tax-deductible contribution today! Your contributions will make a difference.

Why Physicians Champion a Project Access System

By Suzanne Landis, MD, MPH

  1. All docs already see charity patients. However, since there is no system for providing support services for these patients, the doctor often feels frustrated and views the care provided as being inefficient and ineffective. Labs, x-rays, meds are not available and patients may not come in for regular care since they cannot be compliant with the treatment plans. If the patient needs a referral to another doc, the original doc must take time to personally call and negotiate the referral (somewhat embarrassing for both docs) and taking more time away from seeing patients. In addition, no one but you and your staff and the patients know how much of this you are providing--it is unrecognized and not rewarded. SO WHY NOT SEE CHARITY PATIENTS IN AN EFFICIENT AND REWARDING SYSTEM WHERE YOU CAN SEE MORE OF THE PATIENTS, THEY CAN GET THE ANCILLARY SERVICES THEY NEED, AND THE CARE YOU PROVIDE IS MEASURED AND REPORTED TO THE COMMUNITY.

  2. A small effort from many physicians results in huge impact in increasing access to health care. There are significant ripple effects so that primary care sites can double their capacity when patients have access to specialists in timely fashion, can get labs x-rays and meds that are needed.

  1. If all docs participate a little bit then no one doctor is overwhelmed.

  1. Doctors' standing in the local community improves as the general population recognizes that doctors are leaders in local solutions to improve health care access crisis. This is not an insignificant issue. As health care costs rise, physicians who lead their communities in Project Access efforts are viewed more as caring professionals, rather than as businessmen who care more for money than service.

  1. When doctors work with other groups in the community to design Project Access-like programs the "abundance" of resources and assets are identified and can be used not only for PA programs but to help solve other issues, such as improving mental health services or dental services.

  1. Physicians who participate in PA-like programs can set the standard for community service for other professionals, such as dentists who might then be encouraged to provide more pro bono work.

  1. It is the right thing to do. We all went into medicine to take care of patients. Project Access allows us to do that and blend it in with our usual work in the office and hospital.

To learn more about how PIN can help you identify, recruit, support and nurture physician champions in your community, contact us.

First, thank you for all that you do for Lancaster County’s uninsured population. The program thus far has provided $26.4 million dollars of donated medical care.

From the 42 year-old runner with colon cancer whose employer went bankrupt to the single mother of three, unable to work due to her disability and 2 years away from Medicare eligibility, PALCO patients appreciate the tremendous impact you have on their lives. Some of them believe, quite literally, they would not be here without you.

PALCO is now 4 years old and, in that time, has enrolled 3,400 uninsured patients below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. PALCO patients are screened to verify income, Lancaster County residency, and to ensure they don’t have access to insurance (through work, Medicare, or Medicaid).

Below are a few things it’s helpful to keep in mind about how the program functions:

• All 4 hospitals in the county participate. Providers in the northern part of Lancaster should note that Ephrata’s anesthesiologists do not. Procedures arranged at Ephrata Community Hospital will result in the anesthesiologist billing the patient.

• Please do generate HICF 1500s and send them to PALCO. We use these to record the total amount of donated services.

• Testing is arranged by practices. As long as patients use one of the 4 hospitals or a satellite site, they will not be billed.

• PALCO’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Most family providers see 10 patients; most specialists see 20 annually. Some practices have chosen to see more, some less.  The choice is up to the practice.

Specialty care requires a referral from a medical professional. A form is attached. Simply fax to the PALCO office (735-9586); we fax back with date and time. Please indicate dates and locations of recent diagnostics. If you have questions, please call Judy Durand, referral coordinator, 392-1595, ext. 103.

• For specialists – the system works best if you only take appointments made by PALCO. Otherwise it becomes difficult to distribute the workload so no one practice or physician is overburdened. We verify that patients are currently enrolled before calling to request an appointment.

• Please report no shows. All patients sign a patient responsibility form (attached) indicating their awareness that if they miss 2 appointments by giving less than 24 hours notice, they will be disenrolled. We take this seriously and want to know when it happens.

• Your patients who lose insurance may be eligible for PALCO. You will be able to access testing, specialty and ancillary services for them, once enrolled. If the situation is urgent, tell us; we will process immediately.

• Part of PALCO’s mission is to reduce inappropriate use of the ER. To that end, PALCO enrolls undocumented children and adults. We recognize that this is a sensitive issue and will respect your refusal to see undocumented persons. Just let us know and we will code your choice in our system.

Jan Bixler, Enrollment

Extension 102

Judy Durand, Referals

Extension 103

Anu Varadajan, Prescription Facilitator

Extension 104

Lisa Riffanacht, Executive Director

Extension 101

Fabiano Spadaro, Enrollment

Extension 105 (Spanish speaking)

Jannie Hendren, Dr David Emmert Willie Donato

(from left to right)


It has been an honor to work shoulder to shoulder with physicians to help hard working people at a critical time in their lives. PALCO provides a unique opportunity to help patients get timely, highest quality medical care in a way no other program currently exists to fill that void.”

Dr. Christopher Hager

480 New Holland Ave., Ste 8202

Lancaster, PA 17602


717.735.9586 Fax

Email: info@PALCOLancaster.org  


480 New Holland Ave., Ste 8202

Lancaster, PA 17602


717.735.9586 Fax

Project Access Lancaster County

PALCO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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