Chip Mershon, MD

David Noll, DO

Albert Riviezzo, Esq

Cindy Whitehead

Eric Buck


Lancaster County Medical Foundation

Board of Directors  2013 to 2014

It has been an honor to work shoulder to shoulder with physicians to help hard working people at a critical time in their lives. PALCO provides a unique opportunity to help patients get timely, highest quality medical care in a way no other program currently exists to fill that void.”

Dr. Christopher Hager


Vice President




David Johnson, PhD

Alexis Reedy, MD

Jim Schmucker

Marlin Thomas

Allison Weber

Richard Williams, R Ph

Nikitas  Zervanos, MD

Lisa Riffanacht, Executive Director

Russell Baxley

Kevin Boland

Bret Daniels, MD

Elizabeth Doherty, MD

Susan Eckert

David Emmert, MD

T. Raymond Foley, MD

Christopher Hager, MD

PALCO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

 Affordable Health Care
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480 New Holland Ave., Ste 8202

Lancaster, PA 17602


717.735.9586 Fax


Project Access Lancaster County

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